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Sverige Om Södra News Södra enters partnership for developing new district in Växjö

Södra enters partnership for developing new district in Växjö

Södra is now partnering with Skanska and Combitech and will work together with the Municipality of Växjö to develop the Bäckaslöv area. The project has been named Crossways Växjö. It will focus on creating a climate-neutral meeting place that encourages innovation and where the business community, the public sector and academia can meet.

Crossways Växjö is the concept that the Municipality of Växjö chose for developing the Bäckaslöv area – a new district in the city of Växjö that will feature around 1,200 housing units as well as offices, retail and a new primary school for up to 1,000 students when the entire area is fully built. Södra has formed a partnership with Skanska and Combitech to run the project. They will collaborate with architects Sandell Sandberg and Wingårdhs, the Swedish Sports Confederation and the Alfons Åberg organisation to create a sustainable and smart city district built in wood.

“This is an exciting project that’s part of our business model and how we want to work. We don’t offer the entire solution ourselves – but can do so in partnership with others. And we look forward to finding a solution together with Skanska and Combitech,” said Urban Blomster, Business Development Manager for Building Systems at Södra.

“Wood has several benefits. As a construction material, it’s stable and robust, while offering flexibility in design. These characteristics, together with digitisation, make it possible to deliver new solutions to suit different operators’ needs. Wood also has climate-positive effects since it stores CO₂ from seedling to finished building. Living and working in wooden buildings also has a positive effect on human health, similar to spending time out in nature,” said Urban Blomster.

Now the goal is to establish cooperation with more operators and to create a meeting place that creates value for people and businesses. The project is therefore working to attract the interest of potential property managers, tenants and operators who will have the opportunity to offer their services in the area.

Crossways Växjö has unique potential. Its location functions both as an entrance to the new Bäckaslöv district and as a hub for the entire city. Taking advantage of nature as well as urban development will create opportunities for the entire city. 

“The partnership and cooperative form is what is unique about Bäckaslöv, rather than the buildings we will develop. We are three different companies in Växjö with a shared goal of developing a city district in a new, smarter way. Through collaboration, digitisation and constructing in wood, we’re taking another step towards climate neutrality and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals,” said Emma Hulth, Business Developer, Skanska Sverige.

“Sustainability and digitisation is on the agenda of every business. At Combitech, we’re proud of participating in this partnership and contributing our skills to create the smart city districts of tomorrow. Developing innovative services and offerings requires cooperation as well as an entirely new way of thinking. It’s about finding industry-wide solutions,” said Senadin Alisic, digitisation consultant at Combitech.

During the year, focus has been on developing services for the area. By summer, a detailed needs analysis will be conducted among stakeholders in Växjö and the region, potential property owners, interest groups, authorities and service providers so that the challenges faced will be clearly understood. All to create an area that provides the best possible conditions for everyone involved.

“The idea feels highly relevant and is well in line with the municipality’s sustainability and digitisation goals. We’ve had an exciting partnership so far and I look forward to seeing how the project will develop in the future,” said Kristina Thorvaldsson, main project manager for Bäckaslöv at the Municipality of Växjö.

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Subjects: KL-Wood, About Södra, Södra Building System, Timber



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