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Sverige Om Södra News Fossil-free vehicles at Orrefors and Unnefors

Fossil-free vehicles at Orrefors and Unnefors

All work vehicles at the Orrefors and Unnefors sawmills are now totally fossil-free. They run on hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO).

Södra began its journey towards renewable fuels in 2009. This process is a step towards meeting Södra’s sustainability targets for fossil-free production by 2020 and fossil-free transportation by 2030, which were adopted in 2016.

“We have a filling station at each facility, and HVO is the only fuel available at Orrefors and Unnefors. The hauliers that deliver to the sawmills also run on fossil-free fuel now,” said Åsa Forss, manager of Södra’s wood-chip truck fleet.

HVO is a climate-smart and economic alternative to petrodiesel. It is synthetically produced and the raw materials for Södra’s HVO are slaughterhouse waste and rapeseed oil. HVO fuel can be used in all types of diesel engines and from a user’s point of view, is identical to petrodiesel fuel.

“HVO is a better environmental choice because it is 100-percent fossil-free, which means it is completely renewable and greenhouse gas emissions are substantially lower,” said Åsa Forss.

The introduction of HVO at Södra’s nursery in Flåboda, and at the pulp mill and sawmill at Värö, has been highly successful. Södra now intends to launch the product across a broad front.

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