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Sverige Om Södra News Södra receives award for sustainability work

Södra receives award for sustainability work

“With its commitment and determined efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, Södra is setting a good example and can inspire others to work with climate issues and contribute to sustainable development.” This was the commendation from the Kalmar County Administrative Board when awarding Södra Åkeri the “Sunflower Prize” on Tuesday.

Södra began its journey towards renewable fuels in 2009. The ambition is that all vehicles at Södra will use the biofuel HVO and that 90 percent of the Södra Group’s diesel tanks will be filled with the new fuel in the near future.

“It feels good to receive recognition for this work as it generates new energy in our continuing efforts related to renewable fuels. Södra’s sustainable transportation project would not have been possible without everyone who has been committed to it from the start,” said Åsa Forss, Manager of Södra’s wood-chip trucks.

Kalmar County’s Climate Commission awards the “Sunflower Prize” each year to encourage companies, organisations, individuals and associations that have contributed to make Kalmar County more climate-smart. The prize is awarded to those who have carried out outstanding measures or efforts that inspire and create innovation, jobs and activities within the field of climate and energy.

HVO is a climate-smart and economic alternative to fossil diesel and will be available at filling stations that can satisfy 90 percent of the Group’s consumption and resale. The fuel is a synthetic diesel produced by hydrogenating plant and animal fats. Södra’s HVO is sourced from abattoir trimmings and rapeseed oil.

“Unlike RME, HVO is identical to fossil diesel, which is a clear advantage for the engines. We view HVO as superior, both at an overall economic level and environmentally,” said Åsa Forss, Manager of Södra’s wood-chip trucks.

HVO has been tested as part of a highly successful pilot project at Södra’s Flåboda nursey and at the Värö pulp mill. Södra now wants to move forward with the product and implement it on a broad front.

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