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Sverige Om Södra News Both praise and criticism for the National Forest Programme

Both praise and criticism for the National Forest Programme

The final report of the National Forest Programme was delivered to the Minister for Rural Affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht (SocDem), today. A number of stakeholders from the forest value chain were represented in the Programme’s four working groups.

Göran Örlander (Södra’s forestry strategist) participated in Working Group 2. The group was tasked with drawing up a proposal for the Forest Programme’s vision: Forests – our green gold – will contribute to the creation of jobs and sustainable growth throughout Sweden, and to the development of a growing bioeconomy.

The group based its work on the following focus area: How can we create synergies to increase the value of both forest production and other ecosystem services provided by forests, without compromising the natural balance?

In reference to the balance between forestry and nature conservation, Göran Örlander does not believe that the working group’s proposals live up to either the vision, or the group’s area of focus.

“The group’s proposals for strengthening forest production do not go far enough to achieve the Government’s objectives for a growing bioeconomy. Forest owners must be offered more incentive for utilising the potential for forest production,” he said.

Working Group 3 was tasked with the presentation of a proposal to promote bio-based products and energy, smart transportation, a world-class forest industry and increased export.

The group was headed by Laila Rogestedt, Senior Vice President of Innovation and New Business at Södra, and Mårten Larsson, Senior Vice President of Forestry at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation. According to Laila Rogestedt, the group’s work was guided by a strong and constructive sense of optimism and commitment.

“It has been a great honour to contribute to the dialogue process around a national forest programme, which will hopefully support further efforts to realise the programme. The broad perspective of the working group was worth a particular mention. The success of a forest programme is based on several components – innovation, competitiveness and expertise are several good examples,” she said.

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