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Brand Platform

Core values

Our core values provide the foundation for all communication, everything should be based on them. Södra’s core values have been formulated as follows:

Value-generating relationships, long-term approach
By taking a long-term approach, we are building value-generating relationships. By building value-generating relationships, we are taking a long-term approach. A fantastic ecocycle – we call it Södra.

Brand promise

Whatever we do, the benefit will reflect the brand:

Södra challenges, and is always seeking better solutions
Södra does everything to ensure that its customers receive the best possible service and superior products, and that its members get the most out of their forests.


Activities that prove that Södra does what it says. Give life to the promise. Set Södra apart from the others. The review of Södra’s brand has shown that sustainability and innovation are key ingredients in tomorrow’s Södra, as well as high-quality deliveries of both products and services. Södra also has a unique ownership structure.

However, words like sustainability and innovation are general, and can be both imprecise and clichéd. The proposal for Södra is to use evidence/attributes instead, which are embodied in the following words. Please note that these are not new core values or watchwords, they are to be used as evidence that Södra does what it says:

We are an active, curious and responsive company that creates innovations, develops new solutions and improves existing ones.

We have our ownership structure. We are committed and act in the best interests of the forest, our owners and our customers. From seed to finished product. With transparency, a long-term approach and sustainability, we develop relationships to generate added value for everyone.

We make it easier for our customers and our members. We are reliable, think long-term and continuously strive to improve our performance.


The desired end-state, defined by business and brand ambition. The organisation’s ultimate destination, the long-term goal.

Södra shows the way
Södra goes its own way. We challenge expectations of what a forest company is. We have a strong sense of self-confidence and our actions are clear. Together with our members, we are showing what it means to be a next-generation forest company.


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