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Great Britain Wood Merchants Products

Quality, sustainable timber products

Snickare som arbetar med bjälklag
Södra supplies timber products for timber and builders' merchants, manufacturers of roof trusses, timber frames and flooring systems. It’s easy to sell with Södra. We provide dedicated resources for merchants including datasheets, and product care and storage guidance for staff. We’re also proud to offer the personal touch, with all the professional help and support you need.

We simply make good products. Fossil-fuel-free.

Our raw material comes primarily from the responsibly managed forests of our members. Södra’s members know the value of biodiversity, and the majority of their forests are FSC and PEFC-certified. For each tree we use, we plant at least another three and process our material in modern, fossil-fuel-free facilities. This results in high-quality products that are sustainable in every way.

Production  Sustainability

Spruce and pine give you the strength you need

Used mainly for construction and building, manufacturing and processing, Södra’s product range includes a wide range of solutions, including studwork timber, planed wood products, strength-graded wood, boards, roofing battens and impregnated timber.

Sawn timber from Södra is made of spruce and pine. Spruce has excellent strength properties which makes it suitable for almost any type of construction. Pine is perfect for carpentry and molding, packaging and impregnated products.

Our Projects

Customised, strength-graded and certified

Customisation in terms of dimensions, length, surface, moisture content, quality and strength is part of our everyday business. To meet your demands, our products are also available in different strength-gradings and can be certified according to your requirements.

Short lead times and deliveries you can trust

Proper qualities and customisation are only half the story, of course. If the products aren’t delivered to you on time, everything would still fall apart. That’s why we’re dedicated to maintaining short lead times and high delivery performance. Customised logistics and advanced IT solutions for tracking orders are a natural part of this. 

Delivery Solutions

Your customers get user-friendlier products

DIYers should be able to use Södra’s products with the same ease as professional builders. Through refinement and smart solutions, we are constantly creating new, high-quality products that save time and money for end-users. And for you as a merchant, this broadens your customer base, thus creating better business results. 

Interested in supplying our timber? Contact our team of experts.

Quick facts about Södra

  • We can supply full lorry loads of treated and sawn timber within just three working days.

  • 53,000 Swedish forest owners help us to ensure your supply continuity.

  • Södra's spruce can grow for 60-80 years before harvesting.

  • On average, a timber frame reduces construction time by around a third and typically results in a less-expensive building.


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