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Great Britain About Södra Press News Meet the People Behind the Pulp in our next campaign

Meet the People Behind the Pulp in our next campaign

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“On 22 nd November, we launched our new marketing campaign which is all about the People Behind the Pulp, and the passion that we all share to make our pulp the premium product that it is today."

-     We want to convey a sense that our strength lies in our unity and our people. We have state-of-the-art mills, but technology is not enough. Our edge is the human side behind every sheet of pulp – the eyes, hands, hearts and minds of skilled professionals make the difference, each with a part to play to create the whole product. We want to convey the sense that producing Södra pulp is more than a job. Our people are passionate and proud of what they do, and the customer can count on us, says Christina Wennberg, Marketing Manager, Södra Cell International.

-    We want to connect with both existing and potential customers but also to reach beyond them to our customers’ customers and the general public. In doing so, we hope to strengthen our brand with existing customers, reinforcing the idea that we are a stable, reliable partner. In addition, we want to raise awareness among those who may not know us yet, from potential customers to others further down the value chain, says Henrik Wettergren, Vice President Södra Cell International.”

The text in the campaign will explain that ‘Behind a sheet of Södra pulp there are 56,193 people’ before going on to point out ‘Our paper pulp is inherently sustainable, renewable and recyclable. But it takes a very human trait to make it all happen. It’s called pride — and it’s shared by 53,128 members and 3,065 employees.

We want to show our customers the passion that we all share to make our pulp the premium product that it is today.  

Aimed at customers, this video will be promoted via social media as well as our own channels. 

Visit the campaign here:



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