2013-12-19 13:00
 | Company: Södra Cell | Unit: Södra Cell Mörrum

Paper in Europe and clothes in Asia from Södra Cell Mörrum

Much of the pulp produced at Södra Cell in Mörrum is exported to paper mills in Europe where our customers turn it into paper which may become magazines, books, tea bags or serviettes.

Other end products from Mörrum include green electricity and district heating to heat houses in Karlshamn municipality. This is the result of major investments in efficient energy management. 

Production of textile pulp started in the end of 2011. At full capacity, 170,000 tons of hardwood textile pulp is now being produced and exported to textile pulp mills in Asia.

It was Södra's founder Gösta Edström who realised in 1952 that the delta of the Mörrum river was the perfect place for a pulp mill, ideally located close to softwood and hardwood forests which provide raw materials for production.
Proximity to the major harbour in Karlshamn means that Mörrum is not far from its customers in Europe.

Södra Cell Mörrum has made major investments in eco-friendly technology as well as in increasing employee competence in environmental matters.

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