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2013-04-24 16:00

Södra Cell Mönsterås

Södra Cell Mönsterås is Södra’s biggest pulp mill with a capacity of 750,000 tonnes per year of pulp, and was commissioned in 1958. Continual expansion and development have made the mill one of the most modern in the world today.

The mill is surrounded by forest raw materials in a forestry region close to Kalmar Sound, some 10 kilometres from Mönsterås. The location is strategic, close to to European highway 22, with Södra’s own harbour alongside the mill and the sawmill next door.

The mill’s core business is pulp production, but energy supplies are becoming increasingly important, not least as part of our ecocycle approach. In addition to electricity, the mill delivers district heating to the municipality of Mönsterås and to Södra’s sawmill in the area.

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Contact for Pulp

President Södra Cell International- Magnus Björkman President +46 470 89 422Sales Director Europe Sales Director (Europe) +46 470 894 52Sales Director Asia - Hågen Rismark Sales Director (Asia) +47 32 79 90 73
Marketing Director Marketing Director +46 470 85 584Technical Product Manager - Peter Carlsson Technical Product Manager +46 340 63 38 20Technical Product Manager - Christer Fasth Technical Product Manager +46 454 552 82
Technical Product Manager Ann Nilsson Technical Product Manager +46 454 598 07Sales Director Germany - Oliver Söder Sales Director (Germany) +49.89.890676-100        Sales Director (Italy) - Raffaella Tronco Sales Director (Italy) +39 02 467 123 15
Sales Director (Scandinavia) - Lena Nilsson Sales Director (Scandinavia and UK) +46 47 08 94 01, UK customers 0800-9012 458Sales Director Germany, Poland and the Netherlands - Benjamin Brück Söder Sales Director (Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands) +49 898 906 764 10Business Area Manager (Dissolving) - Dag Benestad Business Area Manager (Dissolving) +47 220 918 70

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