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Sodra Estonia Certification PEFC


The PEFC™ forest certification system certifies that PEFC-labeled products are produced from wood of known origin from responsibly managed forests.

The PEFC™ (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) program is an international, non-governmental, independent non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forest management. It has been operating since 1999, attracting independent auditors for forest certification. Two thirds of all certified forests in the world (approximately 300 million hectares) are PEFC certified. PEFC certified forests are found in 32 countries around the world.

Everyone has the opportunity to make a responsible choice, giving preference to products marked with the PEFC logo.

PEFC standards provide:

  • preservation or increase of forest biological diversity;
  • protection of ecologically valuable forests;
  • a ban on the use of dangerous chemical plant protection products and genetically modified organisms;
  • protection of workers' rights and promotion of local employment;
  • respect for property rights;
  • consultation with local people and public interest groups;
  • compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Inclusion of social, health and safety requirements in the certification system.

Södra Metsad OÜ PEFC 100% forest management certificate: TT-PEFC-FM006

Södra Metsad OÜ PEFC Controlled Sources certificate: BMCERT-PEFC-COC-00132.


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