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Sverige Trä Nyheter Let the forest tell the story

Let the forest tell the story

There is nothing quite like experiencing something to bring it to life – particularly where the media are concerned.

Timber’s ability to enable quick and efficient construction is clear, but this can’t be at the expense of sustainability. With timber now an increasingly important resource for ensuring sustainable construction, it’s crucial that the industry’s communicators understand exactly where it comes from.

In October, the Södra Wood Ltd team took a group of editors from UK construction trade magazines out to Sweden to learn the timber story for themselves. The trip started at Falkenburg Nursery, to learn more about how trees start out in life - and the process that takes them from tiny seeds to small trees. We then moved out to the forest, which was everyone’s favourite part of the trip – the journalists saw how Södra forest owners use drones to map and manage the growth of their trees, and they even got to plant and fell trees for themselves.

The second day of the trip took the group to the Södra’s Varberg sawmill and then the port - completing the entire cycle of the timber process, from sapling to finished product being shipped back to the UK. 

It was a journey of discovery and a real insight into the product that makes so much of today’s construction possible.





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