The chairman of Södra´s board since 1938:

1938-1956 Björn Hyltén-Cavallius

For several decades, Björn Hyltén-Cavallius was active in the forestry cooperative movement. In 1938, he was elected to the Board of Sydöstra Sveriges Skogsägares Förbund (Södra), thus becoming Södra’s first chairman. Hyltén-Cavallius took part in the decision to expand the pulp industry and also passed the decision to form Södra’s first forestry district in Linneryd in 1956. 



1956-1968 Erik von Kantzow

Under Erik von Kantzow's time as Chairman, Södra's Board decided to expand Mörrums Bruk, which he was later part of opening in 1962.

1968-1973 Gösta Edström

Gösta Edström, Södra's founder, was active in the association for more than 60 years, first as CEO from 1938–1968 and later as Chairman from 1968–1973. A fierce conviction that forest farmers needed to join together to leverage their shared interests was a strong driver for Gösta Edström. Under his chairmanship, decisions including the expansion of Värö were taken.

1973-1979 Urban Sundberg

Urban Sundberg took over as Chairman of Södra after Gösta Edström in 1973. Södra's financial crisis at the end of the 1970s led to the state becoming a part-owner. The entire Board put their seats up for re-election and Sundberg was not re-elected.

1979-1984 Thorsten Nilsson

Thorsten Nilsson was elected as Chairman in 1979 and his time as Chairman saw Södra struggling with major financial problems.

1984-1992 Archibald Dickson

Archibald Dickson took over as Chairman of Södra in 1984. After several difficult years for Södra, he guided the association's Board to a unanimous decision in 1985 to buy back the state's shares. Södra was once again owned in full by its members and a period of consolidation was initiated for Södra.

1992-2010 Lars-Eric Åström

After being Deputy Chairman of the Board from 1983, Lars-Eric Åström was elected Chairman in 1993. Under his stewardship, Södra's finances, the association's geographic area and its industrial operations expanded and were streamlined. Nature conservation issues started to be prioritised and a model for Green Forest Management Plans was prepared that took particular consideration of nature conservation in forestry management.

2010-2015 Christer Segerstéen

Under Christer Segerstéen's Chairmanship, Södra's Board gave considerable attention to environmental issues. Following a substantial financial loss for Södra in 2012, the Board took the decision to make extensive cost savings through measures including major redundancies.
During Segerstéen's time as Chairman, a decision was also taken to considerably expand industrial production through a SEK 6 billion investment in Södra's three pulp mills.

2015- Lena Ek

Lena Ek was elected as Södra's first Chairwoman in conjunction with the 2015 AGM. Lena works hard to preserve ownership rights and often showcases Södra's and the forest's key roles in society's transition to a bioeconomy.

CEO's since 1938:

1938-1968 Gösta Edström

Gösta Edström, Södra's founder, was active in the association for more than 60 years, first as CEO from 1938–1968 and later as Chairman from 1968–1973. A fierce conviction that forest farmers needed to join together to leverage their shared interests was a strong driver for Gösta Edström. During his time as CEO, the pulp mills at Mönsterås and Mörrum were expanded.

1968 Göthe Malmlöw

Göthe Malmlöw succeeded Gösta Edström as CEO on 1 January 1968. He stepped down from this position in the same year, but by the spring, he had already established a separate members section at Södra.



1968-1970 Lennart Helming

In autumn 1968, Lennart Helming, previously the mill manager at Mörrum, moved into the new head office at Skogsudden in Växjö as the new CEO.




1970-1971 Kjell Kilander, Acting

Kjell Kilander was appointed Acting CEO in 1970.



1971-1979 Lennart Schotte

Lennart Schotte was appointed as CEO of Södra in 1971. The mill in Värö was inaugurated during his stewardship. At the end of the 1970s, Södra was hit by a financial crisis that led to the state becoming a part-owner.

1979-1983 Mårten Bendz

Mårten Bendz, Head of Södra's forestry division, was appointed CEO in 1979. From 1979 through 1983, the economy remained weak, large rationalisations were made and half of the remaining members left Södra.




1983 Robert Nilsson

Robert Nilsson was appointed CEO in 1983, and during the year, discussions were conducted to find long-term financial solutions for Södra.




1983-1984 Birger Johansson, Acting

Birger Johansson was appointed Acting CEO in 1983.




1984-1986 Bernt Löf

Bernt Löf was appointed CEO in 1984. The mid-1980s saw Södra's profit soar and the state's shares could be bought back in 1985.


1986-1992 Rune Brandinger

At the start of the 1990s, the market for sawn timber and pulp declined sharply. Under Rune Brandinger's time as CEO, Skånes Skogsägare merged with Södra.


1993-1994 Bo S Hedström

In the early 1990s, the importance of nature conservation issues intensified at Södra. Actions taken included the establishment of a separate nature conservation committee and each forestry district electing a nature conservation representative.


1995-1998 Helge Eklund

The focus on nature conservation issues continued and during Helge Eklund's time as CEO of Södra, the Board adopted a nature conservation policy. Construction started on a new combined pulp and sawmill in Mönsterås.


1999 Kenth Ohlsson, Acting

Kenth Ohlsson was appointed Acting CEO in 1999. The combined pulp and sawmill in Mönsterås opened in the same year.


1999-2004 Anders Wahrolén

Together with the Chairman of the Board Lars-Eric Åström, Anders Wahrolén drove efforts to acquire Geijerträ in 2002, which added new processing competence for Sodra.


2004-2012 Leif Brodén

Hurricane Gudrun in 2005 tested Södra's ability to work as one. Together with the Board, the management under Leif Brodén prepared procedures for handling the wood and a model for pricing in critical circumstances. Leif Brodén strongly emphasised the importance of increased productivity at the company.

2012 Gunilla Saltin, Acting

Gunilla Saltin was appointed Acting CEO in 2012.

2012-2020 Lars Idermark

Under Lars Idermark's leadership, Södra's Group strategy was based on being a value-generating and cohesive Group with profitable growth. Following the 2014 Board decision, multi-billion investments were made in Södra's pulp mills that resulted in significant capacity increases at the Värö and Mörrum mills.

2012 Peter Karlsson, Acting

Peter Karlsson was appointed Acting CEO in 2020.

Peter Karlsson t.f. vd och koncernchef

2020- Lotta Lyrå

Lotta Lyrå will take office as CEO in Q4 2020.

Lotta Lyrå