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In 1983, forest owners demonstrated against the government’s proposal to introduce mandatory harvesting and mandatory deposits in harvesting accounts.

Södra’s lobbying has focused on defending ownership rights and the ability to own and use forests freely, on reasonable terms. More than half of Sweden’s forest land is privately owned, and the association strives to achieve favourable conditions for private forest management.

Over the years, Södra has worked together with the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) and other forest-owner associations to prevent or modify many proposals related to encroachment, tax, nature conservation and business conditions.

Combined efforts to shape public opinion by Södra and the forest-owner movement have generated successful results. Examples of business policy lobbying where the joint efforts of forest owners have played a key role include:

  • Abolition of the silvicultural fee
  • Suspension of the proposal to finance Sweden’s contribution to the EU budget by imposing a tax on forest estates
  • The SEK 50 tax rebate for affected forest owners after Cyclone Gudrun
  • The introduction of KOMET, a landowner initiative for the protection of High Conservation Value forests
  • Aquatic Environments in Forests, the forest-owner association’s campaign to increase water considerations in forests
  • Encroachment issues, in relation to new power lines and roads, for example
  • Introduction of PEFC sustainable forest management certification
  • Increased landowner influence in wildlife management
  • The management of nature conservation, such as creating nature reserves