Number of employees


annual production capacity

425 000 tonnes

Fproduct range

Chlorine-free long fibre pulp

Mill manager

Jonas Eriksson

Södra Cell Värö is situated on the Värö peninsular in Varberg municipality, some 60 kilometres south of Gothenburg.

The mill was built in 1972, and there was good reason for building it just here. Proximity to the forests in western Sweden reduce transport distances for raw materials, and shipping the finished pulp from the West Coast reduces transportation to international customers.

Extensive development has taken place at the mill since it started, and a number of major investment projects are underway. Over the years the mill has in many ways been a forerunner in environmental protection, including being the first in the world to switch its entire production to  chlorine-free pulp. Södra Cell Värö produces, by 2018, 700,000 tonnes per year of high quality totally chlorine-free softwood pulp. The mill is also now a supplier of both electricity and district heating.

Södra runs a number of other operations in conjunction with Södra Cell Värö: Södra Cell R&D, the Södra sawmill in Värö and Södra Skog Region West. Its favourable location is advantageous for Södra as a whole.


Södra Cell Värö SE-432 86 Väröbacka, Sweden

Tel +46 (0)340 628 000 Fax +46 (0)340 628 100

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