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Ireland Wood Merchants Delivery solutions

Delivery solutions for better business

Logistics is – and will continue to be – a key factor for success. It’s expensive to overstock, as is being left without goods. And it’s just as expensive to over-staff while waiting for deliveries with an uncertain time schedule. This is why we have developed our delivery solutions.

Get maximum flexibility with mixed loads

The ability to order mixed loads of building products is a climate friendly way to save on time and costs. We handle all the logistics planning and your order is delivered on time, to your specifications.

Bolist, Broby

Reduce your tied up capital

Our logistical processes are well integrated with our large stock of standard goods. Not only can you safely expect to receive your delivery on time, we can also keep most of your stock to free up your capital and space.

Reduce your climate impact

Do you want your wood products delivered with minimal environmental impact? In our business, transportation accounts for the largest amount of fossil fuel emissions. That’s why we’ve agreed on a very important goal: by 2030, all of our transportation will be completely fossil fuel free. It’s a goal we’re already well on our way to achieving.

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