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Ireland Wood Manufacturing Products Structural softwood products Treated timber and fire protection

Treated timber and fire protection

11 treatment facilities across our four Ireland and Great Britain distribution terminals deliver low and high-pressure timber impregnation, plus Frameguard®, a fire retardant.

Södra treatment cycles and specifications – declaration of performance

This is to be read in conjunction with the relevant DOP for the untreated item and covers the following applicable standards: EN 14081-1, EN 14080, EN 13986 and DIN 1052:2012.

Södra treatment processes meet the appropriate preservation requirements of BS8417. Certain situations require Use Classes that are different to those shown as the “standard” cycles above. There are Use Class 2 situations for roof trusses. For example, CLS may require Green High Pressure Treated and Carcassing may require Yellow Low Pressure Treated.

Södra cannot know your particular specification requirements and does not advise that the parameters above are appropriate for your specific requirements under the product’s heading. Your treatment requirements should be specified based on your client specifications which in turn should be based on Use Class, Service Life and, if appropriate, Treatment Type.

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