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Ireland Wood Manufacturing Products Structural softwood products SR82 battens

SR82 battens

Features and benefits of Battens Type A

  • Regularised for dimensional accuracy
  • Each piece individually stamped provides a clear description of product being supplied
  • Excellent quality wood fibre for a consistently high quality product
  • Kiln-dried protects against decay, means its lighter in weight and stronger in application. It also improves dimensional stability
  • PEFC-certified, ensuring products are sourced responsibly and environmentally
  • Just in Time (JIT) pick-a-pack service provides maximum flexibility to help maintain optimum stock levels
  • Nationwide delivery service allows our customers to access our products and services across all our terminals
  • Bundled in ten pieces within packs – makes it ideal for our customers’ customers to pick a bundle 
  • Supplied in half packs for ease of storage and handling
  • Packaged to length for ease of loading and storage
  • Mixed loads for maximum flexibility to mix and match products to suit our customers
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