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Ireland Sustainability Responsible business

Responsible business

We want to develop a sustainable value chain – from seed to customer. In order to succeed, more of us have to move in the same direction. That is why we want to take responsibility across the entire chain. It means that we have to work closely with our suppliers and customers to create joint ambitions for sustainability. Collaboration, responsibility and monitoring form the basis of responsible business, and a sustainable society.

Targets: Always act responsible

Every little thing that we do is part of the bigger picture. To create more clarity around how we, and our suppliers, should act, we now have two Codes of Conduct. One internal Code for our employees, and one Code for our suppliers.

The Supplier Code contains requirements on human rights, labour and the environment. It will be included in all of our agreements and the aim is that all suppliers are assessed on the basis of their ability to meet these requirements by 2020. In the assessment, we will determine whether the supplier has identified, addressed and complied with our requirements.

This is where we are now

Supplier code

In 2019, 79% of Södra´s suppliers had signed the Södra Supplier Code.


In 2019, 95% of Södra´s purchasing value included a risk assessment of suppliers based on Södra´s Supplier Code.

Sustainability audits

18% of the prioritised suppliers were monitored on site (sustainability audit).

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