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Ireland Sustainability Climate-positive operations

Climate-positive operations

Our ambitions are higher than climate-neutral. Fossil-free and climate-positive operations are at the top of our agenda. And this is where forests play a crucial role. Renewable and growing forests absorb large amounts of CO₂. Forest products can also replace fossil raw materials in a wide range of applications. Forests can help us prevent climate change.

Targets: Fossil-free

We have set clear targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon storage. These are Group-wide targets with the same status as our financial targets. To promote the storage of even more carbon, we are committed to sustainable forestry and continued forest growth. Our own production is virtually fossil-free. Most of the energy we use is renewable, and generated from forest products. The target for our production is to be totally fossil-free by 2020.

When it comes to transport, the challenge is greater. Since transport currently accounts for most of our greenhouse gas emissions, the target here is to be totally fossil-free by 2030. This will be achieved by optimising our logistics and using green fuels.

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