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Ireland Sustainability Certifications


At Södra, environmental and energy issues are addressed within the framework of each business area’s business management system. Most environmental management systems are certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.

The energy management systems of Södra Cell and the sawmills are certified according to the ISO 50001 standard. Södra’s occupational health and safety, quality and forest management systems are also certified. Internal and external audits of the business management systems are performed annually.

Product liability

Södra offers products made from certified forest raw material. The products are delivered with Chain of Custody certification from PEFC™ and/or FSC®.  The products include certified paper pulp, sawn timber, interior wood products and biofuel. Chain-of-Custody certification according to PEFC™ and/or FSC® standards ensures that the wood raw material is a product of responsible forestry and that the origin is verified.

Södra Cell’s paper pulp is approved for use in the production of eco-labeled paper products under the Swan or the EU ecolabel. All paper pulp is also approved for use in the production of paper/cardboard that may come into contact with food, according to German and US food standards. A substantial portion of Södra’s interior wood products also meet the requirements for CE marking and carry building product disclosures. F4 Star (a Japanese ecolabel) and Nature Plus are two other standards that may be used.


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