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PIX Benchmark pricing

Would you like to benchmark your pulp prices to PIX index?

Monitoring pulp price developments and negotiating a price with suppliers is time consuming for our customers. Fixing the price by using a benchmark index allows for this time to be devoted to other matters. With a link to a well functioning index, you as a customer will pay the correct market price without having to monitor development on a daily basis and then negotiate new prices with us.  

We have elected to offer pulp at a price that is linked to the PIX monthly average index for Europe. FOEX indexes Ltd owns the trade mark rights for the commercial use of PIX indexes. Södra Cell and FOEX  have an agreement with which Södra Cell has the right to use the PIX indexes in contracts between Södra Cell and any Södra Cell customer. Please note that all other use of FOEX products, for example the paper price index, is not included in this agreement.

For further information about FOEX and the last ten published prices, please visit FOEX.

PIX reports the gross price and the customer-specific terms agreed between you and Södra Cell are applied on the index price. The exact definitions of what PIX prices relate can be found in the below link.

PIX Benchmark Pricing is available to all Södra Cell customers. It can be used as a pricing instrument, or in combination with Long Term Firm Price

An agreement about PIX Benchmark Pricing cannot be made for a period of less than twelve months and the agreement is regulated in a simple standard contract.  See the contract >> (pdf)

If you are interested in PIX Benchmark Pricing, you should contact your local Södra Cell sales office.




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