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Ireland Pulp Production Process

Production Process

Torkmaskingen vid Södra Cell Värö
We have a broad product portfolio, comprising both paper and dissolving pulp. In 2020 we also introduced a groundbreaking new product combining dissolving pulp with recycled textiles. We use mainly spruce and pine from our members’ sustainably managed forests and other trusted sources, as well as hardwood (mainly birch). Key to our diversity is our expertise in sorting forest raw materials for precisely the right end-product properties.

Our wood contains the cellulose fibres that become pulp. The production process is based on separating these cellulose fibres from by-products. The by-products are then taken care of in a number of other cycles, one of which is energy. Even chemicals are recycled. Production is highly automated and almost everything is controlled and managed by computers.

When pulpwood arrives at the mill, the bark is removed. It is collected and burned to create heating energy, sometimes after having been pressed into pellets. The debarked wood is then chopped into chips and cooked to separate the cellulose fibres. The cellulose is then washed and bleached. Once the last unwanted by-products have been removed from the pulp, it is dried and cut into sheets that are strapped together into bales for transporting on to paper mills.

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