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Ireland Pulp OnceMore™ by Södra The OnceMore™ pulp

The OnceMore™ pulp - wood and textiles in pure harmony


Textiles are finally becoming part of the circular bioeconomy, and it's all possible thanks to the forest. After several years of development, Södra is ready to present OnceMore™ by Södra, our new process for industrial-scale textile recycling. The process combines wood cellulose with textile waste to create a pure, high-quality dissolving pulp which can be used to produce new clothing and other textile products.

How the process works

One of the biggest challenges in textile recycling is that fabrics rarely consist of pure cotton. In the OnceMore™ process, we separate cotton and polyester from polycotton blends, one of the world’s most widely used textile types. The cellulose from the cotton fibres are then combined with cellulose from wood. The product is a high quality dissolving pulp that is used by the textile industry, just like our pulp for viscose and lyocell.

The OnceMore™ pulp

Our OnceMore™ pulp is a high alpha cellulose pulp for textile applications. It combines an excellent processability with a high brightness, and it is equal to our dissolving pulp used for viscose and lyocell production when it comes to purity, quality and properties. 

The difference is that OnceMore™ pulp partly consists of  recycled textiles. In other words, it’s a raw material that is both recycled and renewable at the same time.

Our goal and ambition for 2025 is to offer a pulp based on our wood material and 50% recycled textile material.

Controlled, reliable and long-term

Södra has a history of working with raw materials for the textile industry. Today we deliver dissolving pulp to some of the world’s largest viscose manufacturers, who, in turn, supply fibres, and their customers supply fabrics and materials to global brands. With OnceMore™ we apply the same rigorous quality control, efficient production, reliable logistics, and long-term investments as we always have done. We aim for long term relationships with our customers.

Continuous improvement is necessary to maintain certification – we have to work in a systematic and goal-oriented manner to achieve our short and long-term goals. It assures our customers of our commitment to sustainable development of our community and our natural world.

Certification of recycled material RCS

We aim for to certify our pulp according to RCS (Recycled Claim Standard). The proportion of recycled textiles in the OnceMore™ pulp opens up new possibilities for clothing manufacturers and brand owners to certify their end products according to standards such as RCS  – where the levels of recycled materials are crucial. We are currently looking into this and the ambition is to be certified before summer.

Certification of wood - PEFC & FSC

Södra uses two systems for forest certification of member forest property - PEFC™ and FSC®. Södra has Chain of Custody certificates from PEFC and FSC for delivery of certified products.

Our certifications are quality-assurance measures of our expertise as well as our credibility. They are proof that we maintain a high level of awareness in our current and future products.


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