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Fasadbilder Södra Building Systems
Wood offers almost endless possibilities and can be used to build in all different sizes. Södra offers solutions for multi-apartments, single-family homes, as well as commercial and public buildings. With our extensive range of wood products, you’ll be able to construct unique and beautiful buildings that live up to the highest of standards.
3D-bilder i byggprojektet Kilströmskaj i Karlskrona Södra Building Systems


Kilströmskaj is an example of a large-scale project built with wood. The project consists of one six-storey house and two four-storey houses. Södra is supplying this project with cross-laminated timber (CLT) which is used to build a stable and sustainable framework. Our perfectly fitting CLT components are delivered with pre-cut openings to accommodate wiring and piping which makes assembly fast and easy.

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Förskolan Hoppet

Förskolan Hoppet is an ambitious project aimed at building a preschool in Gothenburg with the lowest possible climate impact. One of the goals for the project was to use as many fossil-free products and materials as possible in the construction process. Södra was proud to be selected as the supplier of CLT for the building’s frame. The choice was motivated by the fact that Södra’s CLT is fossil-free and produced roughly 65 km from Gothenburg, in nearby Värö. The ambitions of the project paid off and resulted in a building which has a 70% lower climate impact than comparable structures in the area.

Picture: LINK Arkitektur



Källsprångsvägen is a project consisting of 13 eco-friendly homes built with CLT frames and cedar façades. The homes are situated in a pine forest along the river Viskan in Viskafors. These woodland surroundings were the inspiration for building the homes entirely out of wood. A wise decision that is good for the environment and for the future.


KL-trä Båstad Villa

Villa Goverde

Villa Goverde is a unique building with a CLT frame that is visible in several large sections of the building. To create a warm and inviting indoor environment, CLT was a natural choice. Erik Goverde, who ordered the material, is also the designer of the project.

Lidl Visby


A new Lidl store is under construction in Visby, which will be the world’s first climate-neutral, NollCO2 certified grocery store. Every part of the building process is climate-friendly, from the waste sorting to the environmentally friendly diesel used in all vehicles. A massive timber frame supports the building, and Södra is the supplier of the façade consisting of precisely cut, glulam panels treated with the SiOO:X wood protection system. Lidl plans for all new stores to undergo regular eco-audits. This strategy is intended to position the chain as a leader in the move to a more climate-neutral grocery retail industry.

Picture: LINK Arkitektur

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