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Ireland About Södra Innovation Innovation in sawn timber

Innovation in sawn timber

Kilströmskaj. Lånade bilder från kilstromskaj.se
The use of Södra’s timber products is important for reducing CO₂ emissions and for being able to contribute to a future bioeconomy. A key element here is further processing of the wood raw material in an effective production process and making it easier for customers to use wood in their processes.

CLT offers many climate benefits

In 2019, Södra opened its first cross-laminated timber (CLT) facility at Värö and has continued to strengthen its position in solid wood construction. We see major potential for value-added wood products in this area, with strong and growing demand. Compared with concrete, using CLT for construction has many benefits including lower CO₂ emissions, lighter transportation and shorter construction times. Read more about CLT here.

Research projects for new solutions

Södra is participating in several research projects to explore the potential of wood, both for competence building and to find new solutions. Södra also plays an active role in the Centre for Timber Construction and Housing (CBBT). An overall objective here is to promote timber as a construction material, timber in combination with other materials and timber building systems.


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