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Textile deserves better than the trash can.

 Recycling textiles has proven easier said than done. In fact, more than a hundred tonnes of textile
turn to waste every year. OnceMore aims to change that. We enable a circular textile system,
by bridging the gap between returning and reviving textiles
in order to create a fiber that closes the loop.


Companies that choose to join our waste collection network supply us with waste.




The waste is processed using wood from responsibly run forests. The result? A revived fiber 


The products reduce waste by being either recyclable or biodegradable. 


Trees and recycled textile


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Trees and recycled textile


The OnceMore Podcast

From no more to once more - The podcast explores the journey of
OnceMore from concept and forest seedling to the designer’s door. 

Tune in!



Contact us

Johannes Bogren
Vice President Södra Cell Bioproducts
Phone: +46 340 63 34 15

Angeline Elfström
Business Development Manager
Phone: +46 725 83 48 87

Niclas Berg
Director sourcing Excellence & Projects

Åsa Degerman
Project Leader
Phone: +46 703 87 03 42


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