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Global Pulp OLD - OnceMore® by Södra Process

The OnceMore® process

Oncemore fabric
We are working hard to increase the recycled part, and at the same time make sure that OnceMore® pulp offers the same high purity and quality as our dissolving pulp. The end product that meets the consumer feels exactly the same – with the added comfort of reducing the world’s textile waste.
Process OnceMore

The OnceMore® process combines cellulose from wood with fibres from discarded textiles to create a pure, high-quality dissolving pulp. 

OnceMore® by Södra also makes it possible to recycle blends of cotton and polyester. Until now, this type of material has been impossible to efficiently reuse. The dissolving pulp that results from the process is then ready to become new clothes or other textile products.

This is how the OnceMore® process at Södra works and how it finally turns the textile value chain into a circle. 


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