All forest owners are impacted to a greater or lesser extent by different decisions in society. Södra business policy work aims to grant members the right conditions to conduct their forestry without too much interference. Diversity in family forestry provides variation in the forest that benefits both people and the environment.

Södra is focused on:

  • Developing the profitability of forest estates owned by individual members and generally improving conditions for family forestry in southern Sweden.
  • Highlighting the importance of forest owners and forestry for the national economy.
  • Defending and strengthening ownership rights in line with demand in our macro environment for forest, as an important resource for biodiversity, and social and cultural values.
  • Achieving a balance between the availability of food in the forest and the size of game herds. Södra’s ambition is to develop wildlife management and contribute towards an open dialogue between landowners, hunters and society.

Actively forming opinions

Södra’s elected representatives and salaried employees are active in forming opinions and in advocacy work at all levels: locally, regionally and nationally. Local members and field operations monitor the municipal level. The Board, the Administrative Council and Södra’s specialists monitor regional and national issues.

Local and regional activities are regularly held to educate and listen to decision-makers, politicians and interest groups about the forest, and about conditions, needs and opportunities for forest owners and family forestry.

Södra works together with farmers organised by the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF Skogsägarna) and the Swedish Forest Industries Federation on forest policy issues. For regional property ownership rights and encroachment issues, Södra works together with LRF’s regions. Dialogue, negotiation and proposals for constructive solutions are required to influence developments.Forest is important, also for the rest of Europe

Södra is also active in work to influence the EU and European Commission in Brussels, both on its own and through the Nordic forest-owner movement’s representation. Södra is taking initiatives to demonstrate the importance of the forest for everyone, which increases respect for forest owners and family forestry. This also promotes conditions for all small businesses that have forestry and wood as a base.

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