“As one of Sweden’s largest transport purchasers, we have a major responsibility. We want to show the way to a sustainable transport future and this investment will show that we are very serious about achieving change, and inspiring others to follow our lead,” said Lars Idermark, President and CEO.

The earmarked funds will increase opportunities for working long-term without affecting the day-to-day operations. Södra has previously communicated its investments in liquid biofuel production through its two joint ventures, SunPine and Silva Green Fuel, and its own production of biomethanol.

“We are following our roadmap for “A Fossil-Free Södra,” alongside of our efforts to promote the supply, demand and policy instruments that will enable a profitable transition, and to become a role model for others to follow. With this investment of SEK 20 million, we can help to drive demand for new technical solutions,” said Henrik Brodin, Project Manager for A Fossil-Free Södra.

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