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Cookies are short text files stored on user's computer, tablet, or mobile phone when you visit a web page. A cookie usually includes the name of the domain from which it originates, its lifetime and a randomly generated unique number or other value.

The cookies we save identify you as unique users through a tracking ID. The cookie itself is anonymous and contains no personal data.

We at Södra use cookies in three ways.

  1. Performance: Cookies are used to remember your preferences, any "error messages" you have already seen, to facilitate navigation and because you should not need to log in every time you visit the web.
  2. Knowledge: We continuously work to improve content and features at www.sodra.com. To facilitate this work, we use Google Analytics and Hotjar. These are services that share certain data from our visitors. They help us by creating reports and information about how our visitors are browsing the web.
  3. Marketing: In order to send offers to you, we use cookies so that we know what information is right for you.

You can choose if you want to save cookies in your browser. If you turn off cookies, the site will still work, but you will experience some questions appearing several times. To find Södra's cookies, look for the folder called Cookies on your hard drive. In the Cookies folder, look for the files that end on @ sodra.txt.

In addition, you can delete your own history from Google's databases and unsubscribe from Hotjar. Note that this affects all pages on the web, not just sodra.com.