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The OnceMore® Podcast

Wooden logs and recycled fabric
From no more to once more: textile recycling. The podcast explores the journey of OnceMore® in five episodes from concept and forest seedling to the designer’s door. It examines the complexity of the textile product chain and the challenges of bringing more circular solutions to the market, but the opportunities too – which makes it a must-listen for anyone interested in sustainable fashion.

Episode 1:

In this first episode, Ecotextile Talks host Philip Berman speaks to Södra’s Johannes Bogren, the founder of Accelerating Circularity Karla Magruder, circular fashion researcher and consultant Cathryn Hall, and Nicole Rycroft, who founded the environmental non-profit Canopy.

Episode 2:

In this second episode, Ecotextile Talks host Philip Berman talks to Södra’s Johannes Bogren and Helena Claesson about the magic behind their recycling process. Plus we also hear from Umar Chowdhury at Sateri, who already uses OnceMore and Sonja Zak at Lenzing, who are currently trialling it. Accelerating Circularity's Karla Magruder and Nicole Rycroft, founder of the environmental non-profit Canopy - also appear briefly.

Episode 3:

The third episode in our new five-part audio documentary examines the challenges of sourcing enough of the right feedstock for chemical textile-to-textile recycling. Ecotextile Talks speaks to Södra’s Niclas Berg, whose job involves sourcing feedstock for the company's ‘OnceMore’ process, and Lina Wiles, Head of Sustainability in Sweden for Elis, which is currently Södra’s major supplier.

We also talk to: David Stevens, CEO of the Textile Services Association (TSA) whose members meet 90-95 percent of the laundry needs of the NHS and the hospitality industry in the UK. Martin Böschen, CEO of Texaid, one of the largest collectors and sorters of textile waste in Europe Anna Granskog, a partner at McKinsey & Company, and co-author of their influential report in 2020: "The future of sustainable fashion."

Episode 4:

The fourth episode in our new five-part audio documentary looks at the potential impact of the 2025 Waste Directive on the reuse and recycling of textiles.

Episode 5:

To coincide with this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, we’re bringing to you part two of a new five-part podcast series, in affiliation with Forestry industry group Södra, that explores how diverting textiles from landfill can accelerate the industry’s environmental ambitions.  

In the final episode, we get to hear two brands' views on the future of textile to textile recycling and talk to shoppers about their attitude to buying more sustainable clothes.


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From no more to once more.

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 Episode 1

Where does the waste go?

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 Episode 2

The Södra way.

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 Episode 3

Time to sort it out?

Textilmassa. Massaark. Textil.

 Episode 4

More responsible producers


 Episode 5

Brands and consumers

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