Value-oriented leadership is to clearly demonstrate that ”this is how we work” and as a result encourage our employees to make smart decisions without having to ask the manager first. It is about creating an environment that is enjoyable to work in, where you want to and dare to show initiative. All in a culture where independence, participation, creativity and ambition is imperative.

One of the manager’s key responsibilities is to contribute to the long-term profits to our owners, through the employees. In order to be successful, a leader needs to continuously work with questions concerning strategy, structure and culture, and in the process find measuring points for progress, to ensure that we are contributing to the value-generating practice. There is no systematic methodology in place, however, much of the success is based on how the manager successfully can integrate the culture of value-generating into the organization.

Nonetheless, the most important is that all leaders, formal or informal, are leading the way, and that we know what applies and want to lead by example. With clarity in behaviour, attitude and symbolic actions, the internal productivity increases given that everyone intuitively understands what best creates values and progress.

When leaders are clear with which behaviours are desirable, everyone will understand what is expected of them and how to do it. Through clarity we create for ourselves a much easier workday, for everyone.