did you know...

...the forest industry directly employs nearly 55 000 people in Sweden? If you take into account suppliers, the forest industry creates approximately 175 000 job opprtunities.

For us, the career is a process where you as an employee continuously develop. Apart from the great opportunity to exchange skills and knowledge with your colleagues in the day-to-day work, we offer trainings, development programs, advanced courses and professional networks.

We have defined four opportunities for development:

  • Linear – from employee to manager, to senior manager etc., with a strong interest for leadership and increased influence and responsibility ​
  • Specialist – to be an expert in the field; long-term specialization and quality-orientation​
  • Generalist – Development-oriented and unique with many competencies. Developing a career by broadening skills and knowledge within one specific or related areas
  • Matrix/project – change-oriented; a variety of different types of work and directions

To develop at Södra we believe that you need to: ​

  • Feel that your values match well with Södra’s values
  • Be eager and curious to learn and teach by, for instance, networking internally and externally
  • Have the courage to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Contribute to transparency and encourage a good feedback culture
  • Be prepared to ”build the road” while you are driving on it