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We want you

Within the next ten years, some 19 000 years of accumulated knowledge and experience will retire from Södra. Therefore, we never stop welcoming new knowledge and new faces. Even in a large organization, it is important to make room for the individual. We have a place for you.


In Södra it is not only the forest that needs to grow. Engaged employees will always be the driving force taking our company forward. If you deliver commitment and innovation. We promise an exciting job and many laughs. Welcome to find your place at Södra.

From local to global, and back again

The connection between a small-scale, sustainable forestry and a global forest industry makes us unique. Each component of Södra’s cycle plays an important role. Our 51,000 members, sawmills, pulp mills. And in particular our 3,400 engaged employees. Together we ensure that the forests in southern Sweden are used for renewable products all over the world.

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