The seeds that grow into saplings, that grow into trees and are managed and nurtured for 80 years before they are harvested – that’s what we call a long-term approach. The billions we invest in our mills to enable continued growth in the global market – that’s what we call a long-term approach.

Every log that we saw, every fibre that becomes pulp for paper or textiles, the woodchips that become bioenergy – that’s value generation. Value generation for our 52,000 owners. Value generation for our customers. And value generation for a society that gains more and more sustainable products.

Whether you are an owner and member, one of our customers, interested in the importance of forests for our planet or interested in working for us, we want you to perceive our relationship as value-generating and our approach as long-term.

Södra’s set of values describes what we represent, and what we want to achieve. They are the values that define who we are, how we are perceived and how we act. They help us maintain a strong and positive corporate culture, and are the core of Södra’s brand.

The set of values can be summarised as value-generating relationships and a long-term approach

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct is part of our set of values. It combines the laws, regulations and guidelines that apply to everyone who works at Södra. It provides guidance on our obligations and responsibilities in regard to specific situations, such as health, safety, working conditions and the environment.

The Code of Conduct (pdf)