“We now have a new menu structure, a revamped design and content that is more targeted. We have also worked hard to be more visible to search engines,” said Linda Vergili, webmaster at Södra. 

Focus on user-friendliness and tailored content

“We have seen a need to tailor our website content even more. This is why we have added a new function on sodra.com that we call a market selector. By using this, new visitors can choose which version of the website (market/country) they wish to visit and receive content that is tailored to that market,” said Linda Vergili. 

If you have already visited sodra.com and live in Sweden, you will automatically open the Swedish website, without first using the market selector. Cookies are used here to enable this function. 

Two other changes on sodra.com are the menu design and the content structure. 

“We have changed the content structure to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find what they are looking for.”

To make the website appear both usable and appealing, we have reworked many of the texts and revamped the page design.

“For example, we have clearly listed links to information related to content on a certain page on the top right of the page. This will help visitors to find out more information about a specific topic.”

Continued improvements

“Our work isn’t done yet. Improvements to sodra.com will continue throughout the year,” said Linda Vergili. 

“The vision is to create a more modern and easy-to-use website that offers our target audience what they want. We will collect feedback from our target audiences and regularly analyse various statistics to use as a basis for the continuous improvements we are planning,” she said.

We ask for indulgence with any disruptions that may occur in connection with the launch. 


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