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Wood News Masonite Beams - New Product Introduction

Masonite Beams - New Product Introduction

Masonite Beams warehouse

Södra is excited to announce that they will be adding a new product series to their current line of Masonite Beams.

Since Södra started supplying Masonite Beams we have had the same five product series available:

  • HL           47mm   C18 flange
  • H             47mm   C30 flange
  • HM         60mm   C30 flange
  • HI            70mm   C30 flange
  • HB          97mm   C30 flange
These worked very well structurally during the BS5268 design code era, but since moving to EC5 the span performance of the HL products has reduced due to the higher concentrated point load check imposed within EN1995-1-1.
This lead us to look at ways we could add performance back and the most obvious solution was to increase the strength of the flange material from C18 to C24 timber. The advantage of this approach is that the new product is exactly the same dimensions as the previous one, meaning no change to hangers and ancillary products. 

The new product will be referred to as HL-C24

In terms of span performance, the new HL-C24 (shown in orange below) comes much closer to the existing H (shown in grey) product, as seen in the comparison chart below:

In that respect, we can see a significant proportion of the current H requirement changing to the new HL-C24, and this will therefore represent an overall cost saving.

The new HL-C24 products will be available in 220mm, 240mm and 300mm depths only, and in the same range of lengths as the current HL. To differentiate it, the new HL-C24 will have a red cross printed down the side of the flange.

Södra has made this new product available as an additional material in the design software, and starting in September 2020 we will be bringing in all new HL stock as HL-C24.

New versions of the Masonite Beams Technical Guide, Installation Guide and Product Data Sheet are available for download on the Masonite Beams products page on Södra's website.




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