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Solutions for a
sustainable future 

We're problem solvers and wood's our miracle material. Whether it's delivering timber for our merchant and manufacturer customers, or providing building systems and energy products, we're passionate about supporting the use of wood wherever possible.

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Wood for merchants

We are here to make your business run smoothly. We want the relationship between Södra and your business to be simple, enjoyable and profitable. That’s why, in addition to our wide range of high-quality wood from Swedish forests, we also offer a number of related services and solutions. 

Wood for manufacturing

We offer high-quality industrial wood products, produced with a focus on cost-efficiency and delivered according to your specifications. Our range of services enable you to make the most profitable choice for your business.

Building systems

Wood is one of the world’s most climate-smart building materials, which is why we are dedicated to facilitating its use in large-scale projects. With advanced components like cross-laminated timber and smart digital services, Södra helps you to keep your projects organised and profitable.

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Get inspired by Wood

With wood, the possibilities are almost endless. It's strong, safe and cost-efficient. It can be used to build high, low and wide. Wood is a flexible, durable, and beautiful material that ages with dignity.

Think wood

Timber products with a 360° view

The desire to meet our customers’ needs leads our way to high quality products, helpful services, attractive solutions and world class customer support. Our solutions are designed to increase the use of wood by making it a simple and profitable choice for our customers. Cooperation. Dialogue. Partnership. All contribute to a secure customer journey with better business results.

Services for merchants Services for manufacturers

Always choose sustainable

Few things are more natural than wood products from the Swedish forest. We're one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood products for construction and almost all our wood comes from forests that have been nurtured for generations by our members. To maintain the highest standards of sustainability, we plant at least three new trees for each one we harvest, and our production is entirely fossil-fuel free.

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Proud to support Wood Co2ts less

We’re proud to support Swedish Wood and Wood for Good’s Wood CO₂ts less campaign in the UK. It aims to promote the use of all wood products as low carbon materials and illustrate how using wood can help reduce CO₂. So we’ll be doing just that in the coming weeks. Visit woodforgood.com/CO2 for more information and join the conversation by searching #WoodCo₂tsless on social media.




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