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Pulp Pulp+ for customers Taking care of your pulp

Taking care of your pulp

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Our job continues until our pulp is safely in your hands; on time, within spec, and to your expectations.

We recognise that producing your pulp is only the start of the journey. That’s why we drew up the ‘Take Care’ standard, which specifies pulp handling practice throughout our logistics chain.

We expect each unit of pulp to arrive in the same perfect condition that it left our mill. So the unit must remain clean and damage-free, markings clear and wires in place throughout the journey. Every step counts.

That’s why our time charter vessels are tailor-made for Södra, for example. We make sure the pulp units fit perfectly in the hold, minimizing the chance of any movement and subsequent damage during transit.

When possible we also try to do board-to-board loading of ship to barge at our terminals. This approach results in less handling because units are lifted directly from one vessel to another, as opposed to bringing the units to the warehouse and then back again for loading.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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