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Great Britain About Södra Press News Södra purchases sawmill and timber treatment facility – strengthens long-term member value

Södra purchases sawmill and timber treatment facility – strengthens long-term member value

Sågverket i Klevshult.

Södra is acquiring Ture Johanssons Trävaru AB and AB Tenhults Impregneringsverk. The new sawmill and timber treatment facility will provide a better market for wood in a prioritised area and strengthen Södra’s customer offering in the Swedish building trade. It will also improve Södra’s ability to implement its Group strategy.

“We look at specific needs and criteria when we develop our industrial structure. We are therefore delighted to welcome Ture Johanssons Trävaru and Tenhults to Södra. The companies will strengthen our operations and be an excellent complement along the E4 motorway. They have a long history in the area and will enable us to grow more together with our customers. We are looking forward to continuing to develop the operations together with the employees in Klevshult and Vaggeryd,” said Peter Jhaveri, Interim President of the Södra Wood business area.

The sawmill produces 100,000 m³ per year

Ture Johanssons Trävaru is a sawmill located in Klevshult in the southern region of Vaggeryd Municipality, with 55 employees. The sawmill produces approximately 100,000 m³ of sawn timber annually. Production mainly focuses on the building materials trade and offers a range of planed and primed timber products.

AB Tenhults Impregneringsverk is located at the Götafors industrial site in Vaggeryd and comprises four impregnation autoclaves. More than 100,000 m³ of timber are pressure treated at the facility every year. Tenhults has seven employees and is known for its environmental and NTR certified processes.

Södra currently has six sawmills and two timber treatment facilities in Sweden. The newly acquired facilities are located in an area where Södra already has a stable raw material supply, but where it does not conduct its own industrial operations. These acquisitions will now help to strengthen the market for wood in central Götaland and improve Södra’s position in the Swedish building trade. This, in turn, will further strengthen the organisation by increasing the overall capacity and creating synergies with Södra’s existing production units.

“Södra is to ensure a market for its members’ raw materials and increasing the value of their wood. Having relevant industrial operations in relevant central locations is a key part of this. These acquisitions will allow us to do just that. Ture Johanssons Trävaru and Tenhults will strengthen Södra’s customer offering and market for wood in an important geographic area. This is in line with our Group strategy and will provide us with better conditions for sustainable and profitable growth,” said Lotta Lyrå, Södra’s President and CEO. 

The acquisition will take effect following approval

Ture Johanssons Trävaru was established in 1950 and has operated in Klevshult since 1957. Lennart Johansson, son of the founder Ture Johansson, is CEO of the company.

“Södra will create opportunities for the continued development of the operations. It feels great to be handing over the reins to a member-owned association – with solid local roots and a long-term ownership horizon. Together, we will make our customer offering even stronger,” said Lennart Johansson.

The acquisitions will take effect immediately following approval by the Swedish Competition Authority. This process is expected to take up to six weeks.

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