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2014-04-16 09:30

Environmental economy

The environmental work is associated both with expenditures and revenues.

Good environmental performance and certified products improve our competitiveness on the market. Reduced emissions result in lower environmental taxes and fees. The environmental work is furthermore associated with good energy economy, which also lowers costs.

Among the environmental expenditures worth noting are environmental fees and taxes, the "green" work, premiums for certified timber, monitoring costs, projects with environmental associations and expenses for co-workers within the environmental area.

Södra strives at having well-invested facilities on the cutting edge in terms of technology, environment and profitability. Environmental investments of SEK 55 million and energy investments of SEK 8 million were made in 2013.

Environmental investments include purely environmental projects as well as the calculated environmental aspect of other investments.

 Environmental expenses, MSEK

2013 2012 2011

 Monitoring, permit matters etc.

12 11


 Environmental fees, taxes

30 32


 Operation of landfill sites, external cleaning etc.

46 42


 Staff development

42 49


 Premiums for certified timber

123 108


 Total Expenditures

253 242


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