2010-06-15 08:37

Södra Skog

Avverkning på sommaren

On behalf of Södra’s members, Södra Skog manages the forest from planting and forest conservation to final felling. The timber from our membership area is equivalent to about 13 percent of the total felling in Sweden.

Södra Skog's timber purchases are mainly from Södra’s members, but also from other suppliers. The timber is then mainly supplied to Södra’s industries for further processing.

We have our own, well-trained staff, efficient contractors and modern machinery equipment. This guarantees quality as regards both production and environmental considerations in the forest.

The business is strongly anchored locally through the division into 19 forestry areas in Southern Sweden. Each forestry area has local forestry expertise in the form of forest inspectors and a network of competent, select forestry contractors.

Södra Skog has about 550 employees. In 2009, turnover was more than SEK 8,720 million.

Södra Skog contains a couple of subsidiaries.

  • Mönsterås Hamn AB loads and unloads ships for Södra with a quantity of goods amounting to 1.2 million tonnes.
  • Södra Eesti in Estonia and Södra Latvia in Latvia provide raw materials for Södra’s industries.