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2013-09-02 08:30

Södra Cell

Södra Cell is one of the world's largest market pulp supplier, with a total annual production of 1.6 million tonnes.

The main part of the raw material comes from the forests of Södra's members, where spruce and pine are dominating. Consequently, 90 per cent of our production consists of softwood pulp. Besides that we produce hardwood pulp from birch. The birch wood comes from the members' forests as well as from import.

We have chosen to concentrate our operations and our expertise on pulp alone and do not carry out any papermaking. The production chain from the raw material in the forest to finished paper products is becoming increasingly more complex - we are in the middle of the chain and contribute with our knowledge of cellulose rayon fibre, the most important component in the end product, paper. Our strategy is to create the best possible value from this position - for our customers, our employees and our owners.

A decisive factor in our success is our ability to grow together with the customer and we offer a range of additional value services under the collective name of PulpServices.

The pulp process also generates great quantities of energy, and electricity and district heating supplies have become an important part of our operations.

Cellulose is a material with a great deal of possibilities and, with the future in mind, we are investing great resources in product development and research.

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